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Terms & Conditions

We cover two scenarios:

  1. Tubers that do not have an eye.
  2. Receiving the wrong variety.

If the tuber doesn’t produce a plant, we ask that you dig it up. If it’s rotted, it was overwatered, and we do not replace it. If it looks fine, but didn’t grow, it probably didn’t have an eye. We do check each tuber for an eye before we ship, but we’re human and could have made a mistake. That’s our fault, and we will replace it.

We are not responsible for consumer negligence, over watering, inclement weather conditions, rodent damage, winter storage or tuber performance in subsequent growing seasons. Our planting instructions must be followed to be covered under our terms. Refer to the Tuber Planting and Care Instructions included with your order.

Our tubers are guaranteed to grow and be true to variety name. Any tuber that does not will be replaced with a new tuber of the same variety the following year. Simply return the original tuber to us by August 30th of the same growing season stating the variety name and the reason for the return. Tubers will only be replaced one time from the original purchase date. There will be no cash refunds.

About Our Tubers

We do not sell clumps of dahlia tubers; we only sell single tubers. As long as the tuber has a live “eye” or sprout, it will produce a full sized dahlia plant the first season with the appropriate size bloom and plant height for it’s classification.

Please note that tuber size has no relationship to final plant size. Although some tubers are as big as baking potatoes, others are smaller than a pinky finger. This means that tuber size is only a function of the particular dahlia variety and not a predictor of the size of the plant or blooms. 

How We Ship

To maintain quality, we do not offer local pick up of tuber orders. Orders are shipped via US PRIORITY MAIL and begins the first week of April each year. We ship anywhere within the continental US. We do not ship internationally at this time.

Please note: We fill tuber orders in the order they were received. The most popular and award winning varieties sell out quickly and may be out of stock as the season progresses. To insure you receive your favorite dahlia varieties, we suggest ordering early. We begin receiving orders as early as September each year.

Payment Options

We take payments by credit card, paypal and check only. We do not accept COD shipments.

Out Of Stock Options

When completing your order, please select whether you would like a refund or tuber substitute. If you prefer a tuber substitute, we will match the out of stock tuber as closely as possible. We will do our best to accommodate your request.